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Here is a place for a glossary of terms used throughout the SHARE project checklist - A [list of questions]( asked of all potential providers to the SHARE NS, used to make sure SHARE is allowed to use the metadata from the provider and has current contact and API information. consumer - A consumer of the Notification Service is a system or person monitoring one of the feeds out of the service for new research release event notifications. A subscriber to notifications. content provider - A provider of research release event reports to the SHARE NS. A new content provider may be added to scrAPI when (1) it has completed an SHARE NS Checklist interview with SHARE resulting in a completed provider description or (2) it has become a priority for other reasons and has an API which the SHARE NS can use for harvesting reports. core - The core code for the SHARE Notification Service, also known as scrAPI. harvester - An application which accesses a service via API, consumes the content, and normalizes it for inclusion in the search engine in scrAPI. Formerly "consumer" - updated to avoid confusion with a "consumer of the Notification Service" NS - An abbreviation for "Notification Service." provider - Often used to mean "content provider" to the NS. provider description - A document that captures key details of the content provider's scope and API for developers. The provider description also records responses to a small set of metadata rights questions included in the SHARE NS Checklist. A [list of provider descriptions](a is available for developers. | record - The metadata gathered by a scrAPI consumer about any given resource. report - A single metadata record that was output by a scrAPI consumer. Since these consumers harvest data from providers, the consumer is actually responsible for constructing the report for SHARE. We are also planning to provide an API whereby a content provider could push reports directly into the SHARE NS. research release event - The emergence of a new research-related resource. Examples of research release events include: the deposit of a paper in a repository, the publication of an article, the submission of a data set, or the addition of a new work on a researcher's public profile. resource - The item to which a report from a content provider refers, the actual paper, data set, etc. resource - The metadata gathered by a consumer about any given resource - also a NormalizedDocument returned by scrAPI. schema - Defined representations of document types, such as what information might be required for a submission to be considered an article, citation, or dataset, or what types of information should be searchable. scrAPI - The [core code]( for the SHARE Notification Service. ScrAPI processes documents from its various consumers and outputs the metadata in a normalized format. scrAPI-tools - A [set of tools]( developed to facilitate the development of new consumers for SHARE content providers. | | user | A consumer of the notification service. |
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