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This repository holds a number of python scripts useful for handling [Webnucleo]( files. * [Check Rates]( Check that rates for valid reactions in a Webnucleo network file lie within an appropriate range for a set of temperatures. * [Compute Zone Current Differences]( Compute the difference in integrated currents between two zones in an webnucleo XML output file. * [Convert Talys to Webnucleo XML]( Convert a Talys reaction data file to Webnucleo XML. * [Create exp zone XML]( Create a zone XML file with exponentially declining temperature and density. * [Merge XMLs]( Merge Webnucleo XML files. * [Modify XML Rates by Constant Factor]( Modify reaction rates by a constant factor at all temperatures. * [Plot Flows in Zones]( Plot flows for zones from a Webnucleo XML file. * [Plot Integrated Currents]( Plot integrated currents for zones from a Webnucleo XML file. * [Print Integrated Currents]( Print integrated currents for a species in zones from a Webnucleo XML file. * [Remove Duplicate Reactions]( Remove duplicate valid reactions from a Webnucleo network XML file. * [Solve Linear DAG Network ODEs]( Solve the coupled ODEs for a linear, acyclic network.
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