Physicochemical Properties of the System N,N-Dimethyl-dipropylene-diamino-triacetonediamine (EvA34), Water, and Carbon Dioxide for Reactive Absorption

  1. Elmar Kessler
  2. Luciana Ninni
  3. Tanja Breug-Nissen
  4. Benjamin Willy
  5. Rolf Schneider
  6. Muhammad Irfan
  7. Jörn Rolker
  8. Erik von Harbou
  9. Hans Hasse

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Category: Project

Description: Aqueous solutions of N,N-dimethyl-dipropylene-diamino-triacetonediamine (EvA34)are promising solvents for CO2 capture. Therefore, in the present work, a compre-hensive experimental study was carried out to determine data on physico-chemicalproperties of EvA34 and its mixtures with H2O and CO2. The liquid density and thedynamic viscosity was studied for pure EvA34, as well as for unloaded and CO2-loaded aqueous solutions of EvA34. The liquid heat capacity was studied for pure EvA34and unloaded aqueous solutions of EvA34. Furthermore, data on the vapor pressure ofpure EvA34 was recorded. The pH-value was measured for unloaded and CO2-loadedaqueous solutions of EvA34 and the dissociation constants of EvA34 were determinedfrom titration curves. Moreover, data on the solubility of CO2 in aqueous solutions ofEvA34 and data on the CO2-containing species in the liquid phase of these solutionswere recorded. Most of the new data was taken at temperatures between 293 and 393K. The mass fraction of EvA34 in the unloaded aqueous solutions was either ~ w0EvA34= 0.1 g/g or ~ w0EvA34 = 0.4 g/g. The CO2-loading was up to ~?CO2 = 6.2 mol/mol. Thenew data were compared to corresponding data of two standard amines that are usedfor CO2 capture: monoethanolamine (MEA) and a blend of methyl-diethanolamineand piperazine (MDEA/PZ). The comparison revealed that EvA34 combines favorableproperties of MEA and MDEA/PZ in one molecule.

License: CC-By Attribution 4.0 International


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