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Assessment of cochlear implant (CI) performance has traditionally relied on patient report, hearing thresholds, and speech intelligibility tests performed in a clinical setting. Due to the time and billing constraints on clinical audiology appointments, and a dearth of clinically relevant comprehensive CI performance measures, both programming changes and rehabilitation strategies are often not given the attention required for optimal CI performance. While audiologists are able to guide patients toward outside resources and methods, very few CI recipients are undergoing comprehensive, consistent aural rehabilitation post-implantation. While some users may thrive post-implantation without any training, many of those who may benefit from rehabilitation do not have access to the means and knowledge necessary to implement an effective rehabilitation program, a situation further exacerbated by pandemic-related restrictions. Basic Auditory Skills Evaluation (BASE) battery (<>) comprises 17 brief online tests. It was designed to provide a comprehensive assessment of patient performance at-home or in-clinic. In addition to speech intelligibility, the battery examines speech comprehension, environmental sound and music perception, as well as spectro-temporal processing ability. Test results provide information about specific and individual areas of strength and weakness for each patient. This computerized, free online tool is accessible and may potentially inform counselling, programming and rehabilitation. The presentation will describe and illustrate ways to communicate BASE results to individual patients, determine rehabilitation targets, and identify appropriate rehabilitation programs and approaches, in order enable each patient to achieve optimal performance post-implantation.