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Category: Methods and Measures

Description: Scanning will be performed on a Siemens Prisma 3T scanner at the BRIC to collect functional and anatomical imaging data. Foam padding, and a vacuum pillow will limit head movement. Visual stimuli will be presented with a digital projector/reverse screen display system. Tastants will be delivered using programmable syringe pumps (Braintree Scientific BS-8000, Brain-Tree, MA) operated through a house-developed program written in python (available here: to ensure consistent volume, rate, and timing of taste delivery. A manifold attached to the head coil fits into the participants' mouths and delivers the tastes to a consistent tongue segment. Echo planar imaging will measure blood oxygen level dependent (BOLD) signal as an indication of cerebral brain activation.


Scan acquisition parameters: A susceptibility weighted single shot echo planar sequence will image the regional distribution of the BOLD signal with TR = 2100 ms, TE = 20ms, flip angle = 80°, with an in plane resolution of 3.0 x 3.0 mm2 (64 x 64 matrix; 192 x 192 mm2 field of view). To cover the whole brain, 32 4mm slices (interleaved acquisition, no skip) will be acquired along the AC-PC transver...


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