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This project component provides the rubric for the "Qualitative DMP Competition" as well as an analysis script in R. ## Rubric The rubric is set up for 10DMPs per judge but can easily be extended to any higher number. We used it it as a Google sheet, but it should work in Excel as well. The rubric is based on Whitmire et al. (2017) with additional information from the DMPTool ( guidance. ## R Script The R script assumes that individual judges have scored DMPs using the rubric and exported to CSV (we tested with CSV exported from Google Sheets). It assumes that all CSVs are stored in the same folder as the R-script, ideally together with an R-Project file to ensure the right directory is used. The filenames of the CSV files are in the first lines of the script The script will require light adjustments for different numbers of judges (the relevant code is in lines 4-18 and 55-81 and could likely be streamlined). ## Bibliography Whitmire, A. L., Carlson, J., Westra, B., Hswe, P., & Parham, S. (2017, March 24). The DART Project: using data management plans as a research tool.