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# Instructions for use # ## Behavior ## Contains a compiled behavior file for each subject called "SN_Behavior.mat", where SN = subject number. Here are the critical variables in each file: **beh.t.pos:** the exact angular position of the target in degrees (range = 0-359). 0 degrees is at 3 O'Clock. Increasing values go in the clockwise direction. **beh.t.posBin:** the angular position bin that the target stimulus occupied (1 = the bin centered at 0 degrees, 2 = bin centered at 45 degrees, and so forth). **beh.t.col:** the color value of the target (range = 1-360). **beh.t.colBin:** the color values divided into eight color bins, just like the position bins. **beh.t.digit:** the digit in the target stimulus. for corresponding non-target/distractor values, see the **beh.nt** structure. **beh.colorOffset:** the color response error (in degrees) i.e. the difference between the reported color and the actual target color. **beh.rt:** response time. ## EEG ## Contains two files for each subject: SN_EEG_JJF_17_4.mat is the continuous (i.e. unsegmented) eeg data for subject SN SN_EEG_SEG_JJF_17_4.mat is the segmented eeg data for subject SN. ### Segmented files ### Each file contains the segmented EEG data for a given subject called "SN_EEG_SEG_JJF_17_4.mat" (where SN = subject number) The important variables are: **erp.trial.baselined:** a trial x electrodes x samples matrix of EEG data (baselined corrected). **erp.trial.baselineCorrection:** the baseline correction (trials x electrodes) so you can undo it if you like. **erp.trial.times:** the time points included in each trial - in ms relative to the onset of the sample stimulus. **erp.srate:** the sampling rate (Hz). **erp.chanLabels:** the name of the electrodes in erp.trial.baselined. **erp.arf.artifactIndCleaned:** the index of which trials were rejected due to artifacts. ### Unsegmented files ### **** an eletrodes x trials matrix of EEG data for the entire session. **eeg.srate:** the sampling rate (Hz). **eeg.chanLabels:** the name of the electrodes in **eeg.eventCodes:** a vector of the event markers sent during the session (see task script for details). **eeg.eventTimes:** when those events occured. ## EyeTrack ## Contains a eye tracking data file for each subject, called SN_EYE_SEG_JJF_17_4.mat, where SN = subject number. The important variables are: **eyeData.sRate:** the sampling rate (Hz). **eyeData.trial.times:** the times in each trial segment (relative to stimulus onset. e.g. -300 -298 -296 ... 1248 1250 indicates that each segment starts 300 ms pre-stimulus and ends 1250 ms post-stimulus (sampling every 2 ms). **eyeData.trial.xDeg:** horizontal distance of gaze from fixation in degrees of visual angle (trials x samples). **eyeData.trial.yDeg:** vertical distance of gaze from fixation in degrees of visual angle (trials x samples). ## Preprocessing Scripts ## This folder contains the scripts used to preprocess the EEG and eye tracking data (i.e., these were the scripts used to obtained the files described above).
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