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*Abstract:* Gossip or evaluative talk about others is ubiquitous. Gossip allows important rules to be clarified and reinforced, and individuals to keep track of their social network while strengthening their bonds to the group (Fine, 1977; Foster, 2004). Gossip is especially prevalent on college campuses; it provides an ideal environment to understand how gossip affects friend groups. Participants were recruited from Men’s and Women’s Crew Teams at a small liberal arts college. Using social network analysis, we found that the crew members’ friend group connectedness significantly correlated with their positive and negative gossip network involvements. The more one was connected among friends, the less they were involved in spreading negative gossip and/or being the target of negative gossip. The more central one was connected among friends, the more they were also involved in spreading positive gossip and/or being the target of positive gossip.