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Publications that have used or described data from the WECT Project: --Kim, Y., Cohen, T. R., & Panter, A. T. (2023). Workplace Mistreatment and Employee Deviance: An Investigation of the Reciprocal Relationship Between Hostile Work Environments and Harmful Work Behaviors. Group & Organization Management. --Cohen, T. R., & Panter, A. T. (2015). Character traits in the workplace: A three-month diary study of moral and immoral organizational behaviors. In C. B. Miller, R. M. Furr, A. Knobel, & W. Fleeson. (Eds.), Character: New Directions from Philosophy, Psychology, and Theology. Oxford University Press: New York. --Cohen, T. R., & Morse, L. (2014). Moral character: What it is and what it does. Research in Organizational Behavior, 34, 43-61. doi: --Cohen, T. R., Panter, A. T., Turan, N., Morse, L. A., & Kim, Y. (2014). Moral character in the workplace. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 107(5), 943-963. doi: --Cohen, T. R., Panter, A. T., Turan, N., Morse, L. A., & Kim, Y. (2013). Agreement and similarity in self-other perceptions of moral character. Journal of Research in Personality, 47, 816-830. doi: --Halevy, N., Cohen, T. R., Chou, E. Y., Katz, J. J., & Panter, A. T. (2014). Mental models at work: Cognitive causes and consequences of conflict in organizations. Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin, 40(1), 92-110. doi: --Cohen, T. R., Panter, A. T., & Turan, N. (2012). Guilt proneness and moral character. Current Directions in Psychological Science, 21, 355-359. doi:
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