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Welcome to SmokingSynthesis! This page explains a bit about this project. **Background** Please see [][1] for the background of this project. **Suggest a study for inclusion** If you would like to suggest that a study is included, please use the contact form at [][1]. First, however, you may want to check whether we're not already including it (see the section on Extraction progress monitoring and included studies). **Study log** The study log is available at [][2] **Extraction progress monitoring and included studies** During the extraction process, we use the following Google Docs spreadsheet: [][3]. The first sheet, 'Imports', contains all hits yielded by the first query, as well as the results of the screening. The second sheet, 'Intermediate sheet', identifies those hits that were acquired (i.e. included and 'obtainable'). The third sheet, 'Extraction', is used to keep track of the extraction progress. [1]: [2]: [3]: