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Despite a professed desire by many to increase inclusion in scholarship, there remains a paucity of representation from the Global South. How can we avoid the implications felt in teaching, learning, research, and scholarship by failing to achieve this goal? How well do infrastructures support output from the Global South to reduce risks of Vandana Shiva’s “monocultures of the mind”? The Open Scholarship Knowledge Base (OSKB), an open education resources repository, can potentially address some of these issues as a centralized hub for sharing scholarly resources; however, there are concerns that the OSKB and other OER tools may inadvertently perpetuate existing barriers to inclusion. This guided unconference invites the audience to explore barriers to representation from the Global South and develop strategies for increasing participation of a broader range of global scholars in knowledge exchanges. We hope to produce a list of recommendations that can be implemented by those seeking to increase inclusivity in scholarship. Link to working document: