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Instructors across disciplines have adapted statistics and methods courses, or launched new courses, to examine open science and reproducibility. Below is a list of available syllabi from these courses. We welcome your additions, request to be added as a contributor to add your own. **Interdisciplinary** - "[Scientific Computing][1]" short course taught by [Konrad Hinsen][2], 2015, Frontieres du Vivant - "[Meta-analysis and Open Science][3]" summer school thought by [Henrik Danielsson][4], 2017, Linköping University, Sweden - "[Good Research Practice][56]" two-day courses by [Simon Schwab][57], Eva Furrer & Leonhard Held, 2020, University of Zurich, Switzerland **Psychology and Neuroscience** - "[Open and Collaborative Science: Theory and Practice][66]" honours/graduate course taught by [Melanie Soderstrom][67], Winter 2020, University of Manitoba - "[Open and Reproducible Research in Psychology][64]" graduate course taught by [Krista Byers-Heinlein][65], Fall 2020, Concordia University - "[Good Science, Bad Science][5]" master's course taught by [E.J. Wagenmakers][6], Fall 2015, University of Amsterdam - "[Research methods in Social Psychology][7]" by [Lorne Campbell][8], Fall 2015, University of Western Ontario - "Reproducibility in Scientific Research" graduate course taught by [Russell Poldrack][9], Spring 2015, Stanford University - "[Controversies and Developments in Research Methods][10]" undergraduate course taught by Simine Vazire, Winter 2015, University of California, Davis - "[Repligate: Reliability and Reproducibility in Psychology][11]" course taught by [David Funder][12], Winter 2015, University of California, Riverside - "[Lab in Experimental Methods][13]" graduate course taught by [Michael Frank][14], Winter 2015, Stanford University - "[Graduate Research Methods][15]" graduate course taught by [Brian Nosek][16], Spring 2013, University of Virginia - "[Improving Our Science][17]" graduate course taught by [Brian Nosek][18], Fall 2012, University of Virginia - ["Research Best Practices"][19] graduate course taught by [Daniel Simons][20], Fall 2016, University of Illinois - "[Reproducibility and Cumulative Knowledge in Psychology][21]" undergraduate senior seminar taught by [Katie Corker][22], Winter 2018, Grand Valley State University - "[Psicologia Experimental][23]" (in PT-BR), undergraduate course taught by [Caio Maximino][24] and Lúcia Cavalcante, Apr-Aug 2018, Universidade Federal do Sul e Sudeste do Pará; - "[Rigorous and Reproducible Research Practices][25]", a graduate seminar taught by [Heather Urry][26], Spring 2018, Tufts University - "[Replicability][27]", undergraduate seminar taught by [Simine Vazire][28], Fall 2018, UC Davis - "[Perspectives on Improving Methods in Psychological Science][29]" an undergraduate module taught by [Charlotte Hartwright][30], 2019, Aston University UK - "[Open Science & Inclusive Psychology][31]" undergraduate course taught by [Benjamin Le][32], Spring 2019, Haverford College - "[Psychology as a Robust Science][33]", graduate course taught by [Amy Orben][34], Spring 2020, University of Cambridge, UK - "[History and Methods of Psychology][35]", graduate seminar taught by [Moin Syed][36], Fall 2017, University of Minnesota, USA **Interdisciplinary Social Sciences** - "[Open For Insight - Experimental Methodology & Open Science][53]" online course for science newcomers and undergraduate students taught by [Rima-Maria Rahal][54], 2019, Tilburg University - also video lectures available [online][55] - "[Research Transparency Methods in the Social Sciences][37]" graduate course taught by [Edward Miguel][38], Spring 2015, University of California, Berkeley - also videos of lectures available [online][39] - "[Replication Workshop][40]" 8-week course taught by [Nicole Janz][41], Winter 2015, Cambridge University - "[Project TIER][42]" protocol for teaching data management and analysis by [Richard Ball][43] and [Norm Medeiros][44], Haverford College - "[Ethics, Open Science, and Reproducible Research][45]" PhD course taught by [Gustav Nilsonne][46], Spring 2018, Stockholm University **Medicine and biomedical sciences** - "[Open Science and Reproducible Research][68]" 2-week graduate course taught by [Gustav Nilsonne][48], Spring 2022, Karolinska Institutet. Earlier course occasions: [2017][49], [2018][63], [2021][47] - "[Tópicos Especiais em Biotecnologia: Planejamento e Otimização de Experimentos][50]" (in PT-BR), 8-week graduate course taught by [Caio Maximino][51] and Monica Gomes Lima-Maximino for [Rede de Biodiversidade e Biotecnologia da Amazônia Legal][52] - "[Open and reproducible science][58]" ("Ciência aberta e reprodutível", in PT-BR), a 30-hour graduate course taught by [Daniel Umpierre][59], [Nórton Oliveira][60], [Cíntia Botton][61] and [Leony Galliano][62], 2020, Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (Porto Alegre, Brazil). [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]: [5]: [6]: [7]: [8]: [9]: [10]: [11]: [12]: [13]: [14]: [15]: [16]: [17]: [18]: [19]: [20]: [21]: [22]: [23]: [24]: [25]: [26]: [27]: [28]: [29]: [30]: [31]: [32]: [33]: [34]: [35]: [36]: [37]: [38]: [39]: [40]: [41]: [42]: [43]: [44]: [45]: [46]: [47]: [48]: [49]: [50]: [51]: [52]: [53]: [54]: [55]: [56]: [57]: [58]: [59]: [60]: [61]: [62]: [63]: [64]: [65]: [66]: [67]: [68]: