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![CEA][1] ## Brainomics/Localizer **DOI:** [10.25720/1ca1-0sfd]( The [_Brainomics/Localizer_ dataset]( is a subset of the _Functional Localizer_ dataset. [Project Brainomics]( provided the expertise to open up the data and the technical foundation for the initial database, based on a semantic web framework, bringing together imaging, genetics and questionnaire data. In 2019 we converted the _Brainomics/Localizer_ dataset to the [BIDS]( specification and moved it to OSF. --- This work was supported by the β€œ[Investissements d'Avenir](” program managed by the French [Agence Nationale de la Recherche]( (ANR) under reference [ANR-10-BINF-0004]( --- Please cite this paper when using the dataset: Papadopoulos Orfanos, Dimitri, et al. β€œThe Brainomics/Localizer database.” *NeuroImage* 144.B (January 2017): 309-314. []( [1]: