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This OSF repository contains the Web Appendix for the paper: Novak, Thomas P. and Donna L. Hoffman (forthcoming), "Automation Assemblages in the Internet of Things: Discovering Qualitative Practices at the Boundaries of Quantitative Change," *Journal of Consumer Research.* [Free-access link to article][1]. The repository : 1. A **pdf document** of the Web Appendix providing methodological details for the analyses reported in the main paper. 2. An **Excel spreadsheet** containing detailed descriptive information for each of the 127 automation practices (i.e., HDBSCAN clusters). To view, download and open in Excel. 3. A set of **11 interactive figures** in html format. To view these figures,download each separately and open in a Web browser. In the hoverplots, move your cursor over each point to reveal detailed information about the point. There is also a [control panel][2] at the upper right corner of each plot that lets you zoom and pan the plot. [1]: [2]: