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This repository contains data presented in the paper Behavioral Monitoring and Neuromodulation of Feline Voiding Function, published at IEEE 2019 NER Conference proceedings, San Francisco, CA. The goal of this study is to evaluate the effect of pudendal nerve neuromodulation on voiding interval and efficiency in a large and awake animal model. In this repository, we report awake pressure, voiding intervals, and voiding efficiency when stimulation was applied(5 or 33Hz) or not appplied. Authors are Zhonghua (Aileen) Ouyang, Nikolas D. Barrera, Vlad I. Marcu, Alec T. Socha, Jacob H. Schwartz, Zachariah J. Sperry, and Tim M. Bruns from University of Michigan, Ann Arbor Peripheral Neural Engineering and Urodynamics lab ( DOI: embs.NER19.291.bb3403b8 The raw pressure data and motor threshold are stored in Experiment 1 and Experiment 2 folders. Under each folder, individual session data are stored in separate folders, named after the number of days the session was performed after implantation. Each session .mat file contains three variables: (1) Bladder pressure in cmH2O (2) Time in seconds (3) Motor threshold in uA (motor threshold is defined as the minimum current required to elicit a visible scrotum twitching response. In addition to the raw data, the excel sheet "Awake Stim Trials Summary_OSFFinal.xlsx" summarizes the voiding times, collected urine, voiding interval, and voiding efficiencies for the voiding events reported in this paper. Contact: Aileen Ouyang