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**Virtual Working-Meeting on RO Crate Usage in Canonical Workflow Frameworks** The Canonical Workflow Frameworks for Research (CWFR) and Semantics (SEM) working groups of the FAIR Digital Object Forum initiative ( organized an open virtual meeting on the usage of RO Crate in canonical workflow frameworks where FAIR Digital Objects are meant to store the states during workflow processing. The agenda for the meeting: • Welcome and Introduction to the FDO Forum *(Maggie Hellström, Lund University, Sweden & Yann Le Franc, eScience Factory, France)* • Introduction to RO-Crate and a FAIR Digital Object profile *(Stian Soiland-Reyes, The University of Manchester, UK)* • WfExS: a software component to enable the use of RO-Crate in the EOSC-Life collaboratory *(Laura Rodríguez-Navas, Barcelona Supercomputing Center, Spain)* • Immediate questions to the speakers • Short break • Application-driven questions about RO Crate *(Moderator Yann Le Franc, eScience Factory, France)* • Open Discussion The meeting gathered over 40 participants, and we thank everyone - speakers and audience - for making this event a really interactive exchange of ideas!