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In this study, we aim to replicate and extend the findings of [IJzerman et al.'s (2012) Study 1][1]. In the original study, the authors found that peripheral temperature decreased in a sample of Dutch students following an experience of social exclusion through Cyberball. The original and our replication study followed an experimental design. The original study measured peripheral temperature on the index finger of the non-dominant hand. We will seek to replicate that finding, which will be the confirmatory part of our study. We will extend the original study in various important ways. First, we will measure all five fingers of the non-dominant hand and the wrist. In addition, we will measure all variables from our [social thermoregulation protocol][2]. We will power the study so that we will have enough power to detect a 2-way interaction in two folds of our study (a training and testing fold), relying on xx participants [INCLUDE POWER ANALYSIS]. We will also conduct machine learning analyses to examine whether we can predict change in temperature as a function of social exclusion/inclusion based on our protocol variables. We are now recruiting a lead researcher who will take the project from what we have created. We will give preference to researchers that are underresourced. To claim the project, please send an email to Hans IJzerman (h.ijzerman@gmail.com) with a brief motivation, indicate why you can do the study (this can for example consist of your prior experience), and a proposed timeline (not longer than one page). The CORE Lab will provide sensors, mobile phones, and server space to participating researchers, and will train researchers how to use the sensors. We will also support in conducting the analysis and preparing the Registered Report and/or preregistration. We may also be able to provide some compensation for sending the materials to different location, in case participating sites do not have the funds. - Lead researcher: [FILL IN] - Analysis manager: Anna Szabelska - Translation manager: [to be recruited by lead researcher] - Project manager: [LEAD RESEARCHER] The lead researcher will decide on whether we will go for a Registered Report or an OSF-based pre-registration. Below you will find various helpful files to support with this project. - [The project tracking sheet for the project][3]. - [A Google Form where issues per site will be reported.][4] - [Instructions for the IRB submission][6] - [An example recruitment flyer][5] - [An example consent form][7] - [An example IRB submission][8] - [A study recruitment email][9] - [A debriefing][10] We are still finishing our power analysis, data analytic plan, and the study in Qualtrics. [1]: https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/22717422/ [2]: https://osf.io/xf7uk/ [3]: https://osf.io/s2nqy/ [4]: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1KhcXfskEYdVxPtDyfU1C2k6DJ_QlSYRYIvSfO50HlHA/edit#gid=1982154553 [5]: https://osf.io/txp5j/ [6]: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1HHn_U3HZW8O0lNljEywLsiwJdRwZPMLGEUqX2tIGMEE/edit [7]: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1jgOAqlrdgleYmrBMNECNPpwKBOJO7GjBlaZGHeyXYx4/edit [8]: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1pPGJEGmLXh2ZBFShLDwUZPhFC0aLS8tmplKYGEXHa08/edit [9]: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1W6b8ozQY64pykhkVwgBHItRRgxNFOQjAYibC_q7NvGc/edit [10]: https://osf.io/fq26x/
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