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## **Protocols** ## #### **In this space you can store files that describe and relate to important protocols that you will use to ensure and communicate use of quality practices within your experiment.** #### This may include such items as submissions to regulatory boards for animal or human subject safety or you may need to include checklists to make sure you have taken all precautions prior to implementing your experiment process. If you are working in a lab, these protocols may already be part of your lab's administrative documents. If your lab is using OSF for its organization (such as we've demonstrated in our <a href="">JHU Lab Organization Template</a>,) then it may be helpful for you to simply link that protocol section directly to your project. You can do that as a contributor to your Lab's project by: 1. Click on the "Link Projects" button at the top of the Components box. 2. Type "Lab Protocols" (or name of the section if different) into the search box and choose the "Search my Projects" button. 3. The component will be listed below with a green "+ add" button. 4. Choose the add button and it will be linked! Note - you can easily remove it by clicking the "x" icon on the upper right hand side of that specific component. As always, you can amend this wiki section to provide instructions or communicate with others about what you're including in your protocols section. For more detailed information about using the OSF interface or to ask further questions about using the template as a Lab Notebook, please contact us at <a href=""></a> <br> <br> Additionally OSF tutorials, instructions, and support contacts are available at <a href="">OSF Guides </a>.