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Abstract Background. Sub-Saharan African (SSA) nations continue to carry the substantive burden of the HIV pandemic, and therefore, condom use promotion is a public health priority in that region. To be successful, condom promotion interventions need to be based on appropriate theory. Objective. We aim to develop and test an integrated theoretical model of the determinants of condom use among young people in SSA using meta-analytic path analysis of research to date. The model will be developed based on generalised theoretical frameworks of social cognitive theory and research predicting condom use in SSA nations adopting individual-level social-cognitive theories. Method. We will conduct a meta-analysis of research on social-cognitive predictors of condom use in young people in SSA. We will also identify key moderators of the effects of theoretical antecedents on condom use, including assessments of methodological quality. Expected results. An integrated theoretical model which will describe, explain, and predict condom use among young people in SSA. Discussion. Our integrated model will provide an evidence- and theory-based guide to future research examining the antecedents of condom use in young people in SSA. The model may assist in developing targets for effective condom promotion interventions in this population