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<p>This contains the data, analyses, and pipeline for Experiment 1a. All of the other experiments are formatted in the same way, so the below section provides a general outline of the files for all of the experiments. </p> <h2>Analysis_BEH.zip</h2> <p>This folder contains the behavioral analysis file, "make_grand_behaviorFile_E1a.m", and the matlab file with that compressed data, "allsubs_data.mat".</p> <h2>Analysis_ARF.zip</h2> <p>This folder contains the EEG artifact rejection pipeline. First, we ran "runERPS.m", which rejects trials based on whether there was noise in the EEG data and/or blinks/eye movements in the EOG channels. It calls functions that are within the "EegPipeline" subfolder. We then ran "doEyeTracking.m", which rejects trials based on whether there were any eye movements or blinks in the eye tracking file. This script calls functions that are within the "EyeTrack" subfolder. After running these two scripts, we opened the newly created files in eeglab and manually checked that the pipeline correctly picked up artifacts. We then saved the files with the manually checked artifact index and then ran "compileEEGarf.m", which compiled the artifact index from the eeg, eye tracking, and manual artifact indices. </p> <h2>Analysis_ERPS.zip</h2> <p>This folder contains the ERP analysis file titled "make_erps_alltrials.m. This saves that contains all of the erp data for all participants titled "erps_allsubs_alltrials_E1.mat" and is saved in the "Aggregate" folder. </p> <h2>Analysis_POW.zip</h2> <p>This subfolder contains two scripts that do the power analyses. First, we ran the script "doFullPowerAnalysis_Bands.m". This file filters the data and applies a hilbert transform. It saves an individual file for each participant that contains the power information. After running this file, we then ran "makeGrandBands_alltrials.m". This script compiles the data from all experiments and saves it into one matrix. The output file is called "grand_power_filteredBands_ALLtrials_E1.mat" and is saved in the "Aggregate" folder. </p> <h2>BehData.zip</h2> <p>This contains all of the behavioral data files for each individual participant. </p> <h2>EegData.zip</h2> <p>This folder contains subfolders for each participants. For each participant, the raw eeg files, segmented and raw eye data, power data, and artifact index are all saved within that participant's subfolder. </p> <h2>ExperimentalTaskCode_E1a.zip</h2> <p>This folder contains the experiment script that ran the experiment named "TaskCode_E1.m". It also contains functions and images that are called from the experiment script. If you run this script, all of the other files must be on the path/in the same folder. </p> <h2>Subject_Log_E1a.xlsx</h2> <p>This is the digital experiment log for experiment 1a. It contains information about each subject, including the number of trials left after artifact rejection, the participant's age, the condition, and notes about the EEG session. </p>
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