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**About this repository** This repository contains from the California-BW, Senegal, Lookit, and Zoom datasets reported in the iCatcher+ paper. Research manuals and de-identified metadata are publicly available for each dataset. Because the primary data are videos of children’s faces, only those files which have explicit parental consent for public sharing are freely available online. Please read on for details on which additional datasets can be shared, and how to request access. - The public videos from the Lookit dataset, along with human annotations and group-level demographics for all datasets, are available at - Videos from the Lookit dataset with permission granted for scientific use are available at Please read the section below for details on how to obtain access. - Note that access to raw video files from the California-BW and Senegal datasets is not available due to restricted participant privacy agreements. - Also to protect participant privacy, participant identifiers for the video and demographic data are not linked to each other. This information is available upon reasonable request to Katherine Adams Shannon. **Directory structure** - `Meta_data`: Contains meta-data (high-level demographic information like binned age, as well as assignment of videos to train/validation/test splits) and human annotations for all four datasets (`Cal-BW`, `Senegal`, `Lookit`, `Zoom`) - `Other`: Contains our data management plan, coding guidelines for all four datasets, and raw data from our qualitative error analysis. - `Videos`: Contains videos cleared for public sharing (for `Lookit` only; the other three directories, for the `Cal-BW`, `Senegal`, and `Zoom` datasets are intentionally empty) **Accessing remaining Lookit videos** We require two materials from each researcher who will have access to the raw video files. Please submit requests to Junyi Chu ( 1. A current research ethics training certificate for conducting human subjects research. For example, from the CITI program ( or the TCPS 2: CORE. We will need an up-to-date certificate for each researcher who will have access to the raw video data and this certificate should be valid for the duration of the access agreement. 2. A completed dataset access agreement. A template is attached.
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