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**Original citation:** Turk-Browne, N. B., Isola, P. J., Scholl, B. J., & Treat, T. A. (2008). Multidimensional Visual Statistical Learning. Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition, 34(2), 399–407. doi:10.1037/0278-7393.34.2.399 **Target of replication:** The article contains five experiments. We replicated the last one, experiment 4b, which tests whether visual statistical learning could be feature-based over colors of objects. **A priori replication criteria:** A successful replication would would find an above-chance recall rate in the test phase of the experiment for trials containing real triplets from the familiarization phase. A t-test of the recall rate should be significantly different from 0 (as in the original experiment). **Materials, data, and report:** Files are uploaded in the respective components of this project. **Conclusions:** The primary result of the replication is an above-chance recall rate in trials containing matched-color triplets in experiment 4b. This result supports the hypothesis that VSL can occur over different features of an object independently, and constitutes a successful replication of the results of the original study.
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