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### Description This is the project for Johannes, N., Veling, H., Dora, J., Meier, A., Reinecke, L., & Buijzen, M. (*in press*). Mind-wandering and mindfulness as mediators of the relation between online vigilance and well-being. *Cyberpsychology, Behavior, and Social Networking*. ### Abstract As mobile technology allows users to be online anywhere and at all times, a growing number of users report feeling constantly alert and preoccupied with online streams of online information and communication—a phenomenon that has recently been termed online vigilance. Despite its growing prevalence, the consequences of this constant orientation towards online streams of information and communication for users’ well-being are largely unclear. In the present study, we investigated whether being constantly vigilant is related to cognitive consequences in the form of increased mind-wandering and decreased mindfulness, and examined the resulting implications for well-being. To test our assumptions, we estimated a path model based on survey data (N = 371). The model supported the majority of our preregistered hypotheses: Online vigilance was indeed related to mind-wandering and mindfulness, but only mindfulness mediated the relation with decreased well-being. Thus, those mentally preoccupied with online communication were overall less satisfied with their lives and reported less affective well-being when they also experienced reduced mindfulness. ### Files and Folders The project contains the following files and folders: - **Data and Analysis** contains the R project, R script, raw and processed data, and output. To run the analysis yourself, download and install R and RStudio. Then download the entire *Data and Analysis* folder; once that's done, double click *R Project.Rproj*, then open *RScript.R*. From here, you should be able to select everything and just click run. If you run into problems with packages, manually install the *pacman* package and run everything again. Note that we bootstrapped, so it might take a while. If you want everything ready, just open *Workspace.RData*. For an explanation of the data files, see the next wiki page. - **Materials** contains the survey, both in word format as well as in the format Qualtrics uses. If you have a Qualtrics license and want to use some of the items, just import *Qualtrics.qsf*. - **Preregistration** is the preregistration document from [](
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