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## Canadian Prairies ## The Canadian Prairies corpus consists of sociolinguistic interviews with speakers of varying ethnic backgrounds from the provinces of Alberta and Manitoba, conducted as part of the [Languages in the Prairies Project (LIPP)][1]. The corpus was aligned as part of the SPADE project using MFA. **Number of Speakers:** 133, 74F \ **Hours of Speech:** about 100 \ **Year Recorded:** 2010-2016 \ **Data Guardian:** Nicole Rosen and the University of Manitoba \ **Speaker Dimensions:** province, rurality, ethnicity, first language, birth year, gender, Socio-Economic Status (professional vs non-professional) ### Corpus Reference ### Rosen, N. & Skriver, C. (2015). Vowel patterns of Mormons in Southern Alberta, Canada. Language & Communication, 42, 104-115. [1]: