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This project is the source material for the COS workshop of the same name. It has two main sections: * Case Studies * Personal Reference Project At the beginning of the workshop you will learn how to make a copy of the Personal Reference Project section of this project. During the rest of the workshop you will move through each case study and link the materials you create into that personal copy. This workshop is three hours long and is usually delivered in-person. This workshop is suitable for researchers at any career level who already have a basic understanding of Open Science practices in the context of their own research and now wish to expand those efforts into larger research collaborations and/or work to ensure that all of their research outputs will remain valuable in the future. Some basic familiarity with [OSF]( is assumed as this workshop covers more advanced OSF features and uses. No other knowledge of particular software and no knowledge of software programing is required for this workshop. The workshop presentation is available as an Open Document Presentation ([odp]( file as well as ([pdf]( and ([pptx]( If you have not previously used OSF in your research, consider watching our recorded [OSF 101]( webinar or attending one of our [Introduction to Open and Reproducible Practices Workshop]( Institutions looking to offer the intermediate workshop should consider offering both workshops as a full day event or, if offering the intermediate workshop alone, identifying existing OSF users on campus to participate. This workshop is part of the [Reproducible Research Training]( offered through the Center for Open Science. [Additional materials]( are available online. ## Release Notes for the Presentation file **2019-02-14 URLs, © Copyright & Font removal:** * Canonical URLs for all three filetype versions of these materials (ODP, PDF, & PPTX) have been added directly to the open and close slides in the presentation. * A copyright notice has been added to the presentation on first and last slides so thatthe ability to reuse these materials is clear to everyone who gets the file outside of the context of this project and thus may not know of the project's associated copyright license. * All images that are not available under the CC-BY license of the whole presentation now have direct copyright notices next to them along with links to the original locations where they were originally published. * Due to the arbitrary limitations of PowerPoint that prevent embedding fonts in a presentation except through the Windows operating system, I have removed the embedded fonts from the other two presentation formats. This prevents the PDF and ODP versions from seeming 10x larter than PPTX, when the PPTX is in fact 10% larger once none of the formats have the added weight of an embedded font. All fonts used are still provided in the Fonts folder of this project.