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# **iPres2018 Detailed Schedule** ----------------- ***Paper Presentations** have different durations: Short paper presentations are 15 minutes and long paper presentations are 30 minutes including Q&A.* ***Minute Madness** is a fast-paced tour of all the posters you’ll see during our Poster Session.* ***Ad Hoc Programming** has a lightweight submission process for sessions types including the first digital preservation gameroom, lightning talks, original digital preservation graphics, and ad hoc tutorials.* ----------------- ## Monday, September 24, 2018 ### 09:00 - 12:30 + *Workshops and Tutorials* + 101 [***Archiving Email: Strategies, Tools, Techniques.***]( A tutorial by: Christopher John Prom, Patricia Patterson, Wendy Gogel, William Kilbride, Ricardo Ferrante, Glynn Edwards, and Camile Tyndall Watson -- **Bray Room**. + 102 [***COPTR Edit-A-Thon.***]( A workshop by: Stacey Erdman, Jaime Schumacher, and Paul Wheatley -- **Pechet Room 1**. + 103 [***Cool Change: The NDSA Levels of Preservation Reboot: Update, Discussion, and Future Steps.***]( A workshop by: Bradley Daigle, Helen Tibbo, Corey Davis, Karen Cariani, Carol Kussmann, Sibyl Schaefer, and Mary Molinaro -- **Pechet Room 2**. + 104 [***PRONOM in Practice: Creating File Format/System Signatures for Submission to PRONOM Technical Registry.***]( A workshop by: Shira Peltzman, Justin Simpson, David Clipsham, Nick Krabbenhoeft, and Carl Wilson -- **Room 216**. + 105 [***Preservation of a Collaborative Community-Based Virtual Reality Collections.***]( A workshop by: Angela Murillo, Ayoung Yoon, Andrea Copeland, and Zebulun Wood -- **Room 217**. ### 13:30 - 17:00 + *Workshops and Tutorials* + 106 [***Human Scale Web Collecting for Individuals and Institutions (Webrecorder Workshop).***]( A workshop by: Anna Perricci -- **Bray Room**. + 107 [***Active Archive Curation and Preservation Management at Scale.***]( A workshop by: Sheila Morrissey, Amy Kirchhoff, Stephen Abrams, Karen Cariani, Vinay Cheruku, Euan Cochrane, Michelle Lindlar, Marcel Ras, and Alex Green -- **Pechet Room 1**. + 108 [***Using the Digital Preservation Storage Criteria.***]( A workshop by: Andrea Goethals, Nancy McGovern, Jane Mandelbaum, Sibyl Schaefer, Gail Truman, and Eld Zierau -- **Pechet Room 2**. + 109 [***Understanding and Implementing METS.***]( A tutorial by: Karin Bredenberg, Tom Habing, and Juha Lehtonen -- **Room 216**. + 110 [***Digital Curation Workflows Based on Open-Source Software.***]( A workshop by: Christopher Lee, Nick Krabbenhoeft, and Kari Smith -- **Room 217**. ### 18:00 - 20:00 + *Where Art and Science Meet* + 111 ***Welcome to Boston!*** A Reception hosted by: The MIT Libraries -- **MIT Samberg Conference Center, 7th Floor**. ## Tuesday, September 25, 2018 ### 09:00 - 10:30 + *Plenary Session: Keynote* + 201 [***Eve Blau, Harvard University Graduate School of Design***]( -- **Amphitheater**. ### 11:00 - 12:30 + *202. Values and Best Practices (discussion panel - chair: Sharon McMeekin)* + 202.1 [***Digging into the Digital Preservation Declaration of Shared Values.***]( by: Sam Meister (moderator), Courtney Mumma, Bradley Daigle, Mary Molinaro and Corey Davis -- **Amphitheatre**. + 202.2 [***Introducing the Code of Best Practices in Fair Use for Software Preservation.***]( by: Leslie Johnston (moderator) Brandon Butler, Lyndsey Moulds, Jessica Meyerson -- **Amphitheatre**. + *203. Capacity and Accomplishment (paper presentations - chair: Andrea Green)* + 203.1 [***Implications of perceived preservation levels.***]( A short paper by: Marco Klindt -- **Bray Room**. + 203.2 [***Preservation Watch at the National Archives of The Netherlands.***]( A short paper by: Pepijn Lucker, Remco van Veenendaal, Barbara Sierman and Marcel Ras -- **Bray Room**. + 203.3 [***Nothing succeeds like success: A framework for evaluating digital preservation outcomes.***]( A short paper by: Stephen Abrams -- **Bray Room**. + 203.4 [***Digital preservation interoperability through preservation actions registries.***]( A short paper by: Matthew Addis, Justin Simpson, Jonathan Tilbury, Jack O'Sullivan and Paul Stokes -- **Bray Room**. + 203.5 [***All that work … for what? Return on investment for trustworthy archive certification processes – a case study.***]( A long paper by: Michelle Lindlar and Franziska Schwab -- **Bray Room**. + *204. Case Studies (paper presentations - chair: Ashley Adair)* + 204.1 [***The Changing Landscape: Preserving Mexican documentary heritage.***]( A short paper by: Jo Ana Morfín -- **Pechet Room 1**. + 204.2 [***The evolution of digital preservation at the Getty Research Institute: How workflows have evolved in the past five years to address our varied needs.***]( A short paper by: Laura Schroffel, Teresa Soleau and Lorain Wang -- **Pechet Room 1**. + 204.3 [***The Big Migration: Lessons learned at the completion of the 10-Year DRS2 Project.***]( A long paper by: Andrea Goethals and Tricia Patterson -- **Pechet Room 1**. + 204.4 [***Identifiers for Digital Objects: The case of software source code preservation.***]( A short paper by: Roberto Di Cosmo, Morane Gruenpeter and Stefano Zacchiroli -- **Pechet Room 1**. + *205. Web Preservation (paper presentations - chair: Anna Perricci )* + 205.1 [***Measuring News Similarity Across Ten U.S. News Sites.***]( A long paper by: Grant Atkins, Alexander Nwala, Michele Weigle and Michael Nelson -- **Pechet Room 2**. + 205.2 [***Off-Topic Memento Toolkit.***]( A long paper by: Shawn Jones, Michele Weigle and Michael Nelson -- **Pechet Room 2**. + 205.3 [***The Many Shapes of Archive-It.***]( A long paper by: Shawn Jones, Alexander Nwala, Michele Weigle and Michael Nelson -- **Pechet Room 2**. + *206. Ad Hoc: Lightning Talks* + 206.01 LT1 [***A controlled vocabulary for vintage carriers***]( by: Cynde Moya -- **2nd Floor Lounge**. + 206.02 LT2 [***[Environmental Sustainability]***]( by: Keith Pendergrass -- **2nd Floor Lounge**. + 206.03 LT3 [***Gold (AU)DRIPSS: A Decision-Making Framework for Knowledge Management***]( by: Courtney Butler -- **2nd Floor Lounge**. + 206.04 LT6 [***The Digital Preservation Working Group led by the Interdepartmental Digital Archiving Program : Vitam***]( by: Mélanie REBOURS -- **2nd Floor Lounge**. + 206.05 LT7 [***A digital preservation questionnaire for Nebraska***]( by: Jennifer Thoegersen -- **2nd Floor Lounge**. + 206.06 LT9 [***Preserving Interactive Digital Works***]( by: Jimmy Fournier -- **2nd Floor Lounge**. + 206.07 LT10 [***ARKs in the open***]( by: Sheila Morrissey -- **2nd Floor Lounge**. + 206.08 LT12 [***Fedora & Digital Preservation***]( by: David Wilcox -- **2nd Floor Lounge**. + 206.09 LT17 [***Personal information in digital archives***]( by: Tim Walsh -- **2nd Floor Lounge**. + 206.10 LT19 [***OPF Our Path Forward***]( by: Martin Wrigley and Carl Wilson; additional author: Becky McGuinness -- **2nd Floor Lounge**. + 206.11 LT21 [***AI applied to Digital Preservation***]( by: Antonio Guillermo Martínez -- **2nd Floor Lounge**. + 206.12 LT18 [***Web archiving at the National Library of Colombia***]( by: Johanna Gallego -- **2nd Floor Lounge**. + 206.13 LT20 [***Preservation and access to non-traditional art and design theses work***]( by: Cristina Rodriguez -- **2nd Floor Lounge**. ### 13:30 - 15:00 + *207. Digital art preservation (paper presentations - chair: Jo Ana Morfin)* + 207.1 [***Fencing Apparently Infinite Objects.***]( A short paper by: Dragan Espenschied and Klaus Rechert -- **Amphitheatre**. + 207.2 [***Digital Preservation in Contemporary Visual Art Workflows.***]( A long paper by: Laura Molloy (virtual) -- **Amphitheatre**. + 207.3 [***Open the museum’s gates to pirates: Hacking for the sake of digital art preservation.***]( A short paper by: Morgane Stricot, Daniel Heiss and Matthieu Vlaminck -- **Amphitheatre**. + 207.4 [***Evaluation of preservation strategies for an interactive, software-based artwork with complex behavior using the case study Horizons (2008) by Geert Mul.***]( A long paper by: Claudia Roeck, Klaus Rechert and Julia Noordegraaf -- **Amphitheatre**. + *208. National Case Studies (paper presentations - chair: Jane Morrison)* + 208.1 [***Creating a holdings format profile and format matrix for risk-based digital preservation planning at the national archives and records administration.***]( A long paper by: Leslie Johnston -- **Bray Room**. + 208.2 [***The Rescue of the Danish Bits - A case study of the rescue of bits and how the digital preservation community supported.***]( A long paper by: Eld Zierau -- **Bray Room**. + 208.3 [***Preservation planning for emerging formats at the British Library.***]( A long paper by: Michael Day, Maureen Pennock, Caylin Smith, Ian Cooke and Jeremy Jenkins -- **Bray Room**. + *209. Organizational Context Considerations (discussion panel - chair: Ann Whiteside)* + 209.1 [***Policy-based collaborative approaches to preserving electronic government information. (Part 1)***]( by: Roberta Sittel and Scott Matheson (moderators) Carla Graebner, Cynthia Etkin, Frederick Zarndt, Edward McCain, and David Walls -- **Pechet Room 1**. + 209.2 [***Centralize it! : Creating infrastructure to support digital preservation. (Part 2)***]( by: Timothy Walsh (moderator) Dinah Handel, Alice Prael and Jess Whyte -- **Pechet Room 1**. + *210. Ad Hoc Programming - Tutorials* + 210.1 T1 [***JHOVE 101: Open source file format validation (30 minutes plus Q&A)***]( by: Carl Wilson, Martin Wrigley and Michelle Lindlar; additional author: Becky McGuinness -- **2nd Floor Lounge**. + 210.2 T2 [***Participatory Design for Software Preservation and Emulation Services (30 minutes plus Q&A)***]( by: Seth Anderson and Jessica Meyerson -- **2nd Floor Lounge**. ### 15:30 - 17:00 + *211. Group Meetings* + 211.1 ***Pop-up PREMIS Implementation Fair*** -- **Amphitheater**. + 211.2 ***iPres Community Open House*** -- **Bray Room**. + 211.3 ***Digital Preservationists Anonymous (aka Fail Club) [DPC Members Only]*** by: Paul Wheatley -- **Pechet 1**. + 211.4 ***NDSA Levels of Preservation reboot project*** by: Corey Davis -- **Pechet 2**. + *212. Ad Hoc: Lightning Talks / Original Graphics* + 212.01 OG1 [***OAIS functional diagram***]( by: Eld Zierau -- **2nd Floor Lounge**. + 212.02 OG2 [***When Bad Archiving results in Good Art***]( by: Jean-Yves Le Meur -- **2nd Floor Lounge**. + 212.03 OG4 [*** Illustrations***]( by: Jette Junge -- **2nd Floor Lounge**. + 212.04 OG5 [***An iPres global heat map***]( by: Michelle Lindlar -- **2nd Floor Lounge**. + 212.05 G01 [***Save my Bits***]( by: Eld Zierau -- **2nd Floor Lounge**. + 212.06 G02 [***Preservia***]( by: Remco van Veenendaal -- **2nd Floor Lounge**. + 212.07 G03 [***Obsolescence***]( by: Colin Armstrong -- **2nd Floor Lounge**. + 212.08 G04 [***Digital Preservation Storage Criteria Game***]( by: Andrea Goethals -- **2nd Floor Lounge**. + 212.09 LT4 [***All Together Now: Why inclusion and diversity are important for Digital Preservation***]( by: Sharon McMeekin -- **2nd Floor Lounge**. + 212.10 LT22 [***Quality control for disc images of computer-based art***]( by: Jonathan Farbowitz -- **2nd Floor Lounge**. + 212.11 LT23 [***Preservation of Scalar-based works***]( by: Ilya Kremer -- **2nd Floor Lounge**. + 212.12 LT24 [***Harvesting the web menagerie: Wrangling Federal Files for Analysis of Legacy Files***]( by: Jesse Johnston -- **2nd Floor Lounge**. + 212.13 LT25 [***Preservation community engagement with the W3C***]( by: Peter May -- **2nd Floor Lounge**. ### 18:30 - 20:30 + *Where Art and Science Meet* + 213 ***A Night at the Museum*** A Reception hosted by: Harvard Library -- **Harvard Art Museum**. ## Wednesday, September 26, 2018 ### 09:00 - 10:30 + *301. 15th iPRES Anniversary (discussion panel)* + 301.1 ***iPRES at 15: Achievements and Challenges.*** by: Evelyn McLellan (moderator), William Kilbride, Eld Zeirau, Cal Lee, Barbara Sierman -- **Amphitheater**. + 301.2 ***iPRES at 15: Looking Ahead to iPRES at 30...*** by: Jessica Meyerson (moderator), Corey Davis, Micky Lindlar, Sally Vermaaten, and Paul Wheatley -- **Amphitheater**. ### 11:00 - 11:30 + *Posters and Demonstrations* + 302 ***Minute Madness*** by: All poster and demo presenters -- **Amphitheater**. ### 11:30 - 13:00 + *Posters and Demonstrations* + 303 ***Poster Session*** by: All poster and demo presenters -- **2nd Floor Lounge**. ### 12:00 - 14:00 + *Group Meetings* + 303.1 ***STG meeting*** -- **TBA**. ### 14:00 - 15:00 + *304. Machines in Action (paper presentations - chair: Aliza Leventhal)* + 304.1 [***Defining requirements for machine-actionable data management plans***]( A long paper by: Tomasz Miksa, Peter Neish, Paul Walk and Andreas Rauber -- **Amphitheatre**. + 304.2 [***Using blockchain to engender trust in public digital archives***]( A short paper by: Alex Green, Mark Bell, John Sheridan, John Collomosse, Tu Bui, Alan Brown, Jamie Fawcett, Olivier Thereaux and Jeni Tennison -- **Amphitheatre**. + *305. PREMIS Topics (paper presentations - chair: Kat Thornton)* + 305.1 [***Learning PREMIS Knowledge Base: a tool for humans and machines***]( A long paper by: Angela Di Iorio and Marco Schaerf -- **Pechet Room 1**. + 305.2 [***PREMIS 3 OWL Ontology: Engaging sets of linked data***]( A short paper by: Bertrand Caron, Angela Di Iorio, Charles Blair, Lina Bountouri, Rebecca Guenther, Evelyn McLellan, Elizabeth Russey Roke and Esme Cowles -- **Pechet Room 1**. + *306. Taking Stock after 15 Years* + 306.1 [***Taking Stock of Digital Preservation after 15 Years: What Worked, What Didn't, What's Coming (discussion panel)***]( by: Kate Wittenberg (moderator) with Panelists: Maureen Pennock, Barbara Sierman, Sheila Morrisey -- **Pechet 2**. + 306.2 [***15 years of nestor: German Network of Expertise in Digital Preservation (paper presentation)***]( A short paper by: Sabine Schrimpf and Yvonne Tunnat -- **Pechet 2**. ### 15:00 - 16:30 + *308. Feasibility and Appraisal (paper presentations - chair: Kelly Stewart)* + 308.1 [***Approaching Appraisal: Framing criteria for selecting digital content for preservation***]( A long paper by: Nathan Tallman and Lauren Work -- **Amphitheatre**. + 308.2 [***The Cost of Keeping It: Towards effective cost-modeling for digital preservation***]( A short paper by: Kate Dohe and David Durden -- **Amphitheatre**. + *309. Ingest Actions (paper presentations - chair: Kelly Stewart)* + 309.1 [***The application of E-ARK tools for archival interoperability to support a long-term sustainable Digital Single Market***]( A short paper by: Karin Bredenberg, Kuldar Aas, David Anderson and Jaime Kaminski -- **Amphitheatre**. + 309.2 [***ARK is in the Air: ARKs Trending in the French-speaking Area and the BnF’s Role in the ARK Story***]( A short paper by: Bertrand Caron, Jordan de La Houssaye, Thomas Ledoux, Sébastien Peyrard, Stéphane Reecht and Jean-Philippe Tramoni -- **Amphitheatre**. + *310. Data Curation (paper presentations - chair: Laura Alagna)* + 310.1 [***The Network Electronic Archiving Concept for Organizing Digital Preservation for Small Archives***]( A short paper by: Kathrine Hougaard Edsen Johansen and Kim Schou Nørøxe -- **Bray Room**. + 310.2 [***From Theory to Practice: The art and implementation of trustworthy digital repository certification***]( A short paper by: Jessica Tieman and David Walls -- **Bray Room**. + 310.3 [***Earning trust: A case of digital preservation at two private archives***]( A short paper by: Marcel Ras and Robert Gillesse -- **Bray Room**. + 310.4 [***The Art of Preserving Scientific Data: Building collaboration into the preservation of a legacy database***]( A short paper by: Bethany Anderson (Susan Braxton presenting), Susan Braxton, Heidi Imker and Tracy Popp -- **Bray Room**. + *311. Preserving Audiovisual Formats (chair: Karen Cariani)* + 311.1 [***Latin American Observatory of sound and audiovisual archives (paper presentation)***]( A short paper by: Perla Olivia Rodríguez -- **Pechet Room 1**. + 311.2 [***Never Best Practices: Born-Digital Audiovisual Case Studies from Production, University, and Federal Government Environments (discussion panel)***]( by: Shira Peltzman (moderator), Rebecca Fraimow, Julia Kim and Erica Titkemeyer (virtual) -- **Pechet Room 1**. + *312. Storage Organization and Integrity (paper presentations - chair: Andrea Goethals)* + 312.1 [***Checksums on Modern Filesystems, or: On the virtuous consumption of CPU cycles***]( A long paper by: Alex Garnett, Justin Simpson and Mike Winter -- **Pechet Room 2**. + 312.2 [***The Oxford Common File Layout***]( A short paper by: Andrew Hankinson, David Wilcox and Simeon Warner -- **Pechet Room 2**. + *313. Ad Hoc: Digital Preservation Gameroom* + 313.1 [***Save my Bits***]( by: Eld Zierau -- **2nd Floor Lounge**. + 313.2 [***Preservia***]( by: Remco van Veenendaal -- **2nd Floor Lounge**. + 313.3 [***Obsolescence***]( by: Colin Armstrong -- **2nd Floor Lounge**. + 313.4 [***Digital Preservation Storage Criteria Game***]( by: Andrea Goethals -- **2nd Floor Lounge**. ### 16:30 - 18:30 + *314. iPRES 2018 Awards Ceremony* + 314 ***Celebrating Accomplishments: Paper Awards, Poster Awards, Other Announcements, and Fun ...*** -- **Amphitheater**. ## Thursday, September 27, 2018 ### 09:00 - 10:30 + *401. Workflows (paper presentations - chair: Jaime Schumacher)* + 401.1 [***Between creators and keepers: How HNI builds its digital archive***]( A short paper by: Ania Molenda -- **Amphitheatre**. + 401.2 [***Revamping the "Difficult (Potentially)" but "Mostly Good" and "Pretty Smooth" Removable Media Workflow at the Bentley Historical Library***]( A short paper by: Max Eckard and Alexa Hagen -- **Amphitheatre**. + 401.3 [***Data Recovery and Investigation from 8-inch Floppy Disk Media: Three Use Cases***]( A long paper by: Walker Sampson, Abby Adams and Austin Roche -- **Amphitheatre**. + 401.4 [***Email Preservation at Scale: Preliminary Findings Supporting the Use of Predictive Coding***]( A short paper by: Joanne Kaczmarek and Brent West -- **Amphitheatre**. + *402. Formats (paper presentations- chair: Bonnie Gordon)* + 402.1 [***Adventures with ePub3***]( A short paper by: Maureen Pennock and Michael Day -- **Pechet Room 1**. + 402.2 [***PDF Mayhem: Is Broken Really Broken?***]( A short paper by: Juha Lehtonen, Heikki Helin, Johan Kylander and Kimmo Koivunen -- **Pechet Room 1**. + *403. Formats (discussion panel - chair: Bonnie Gordon)* + 403 [***PDF/A:Unpacking the standardization process***]( by: Lisa Sisco (moderator), Duff Johnson, Frederic Grevin, Yan Han, and Leonard Rosenthol -- **Pechet Room 1**. + *404. All's FAIR in Digital Preservation (discussion panel - chair: Jaye Weatherburn)* + 404 [***Hide & Seek: making digital preservation FAIRer?***]( by: William Kilbride (moderator), Barbara Sierman, Marcel Ras, and Wilbert Helmus -- **Pechet Room 2**. + *405. Emerging Topic (community discussion)* + 405 ***Storytelling and Digital Preservation: Creators and Curators*** by: Jessica Meyerson (moderator), Nancy McGovern, Jimmy Fournier, Darold Cuba -- **Pechet Room 2**. + *406. Ad Hoc: Digital Preservation Gameroom* + 406.1 [***Save my Bits***]( by: Eld Zierau -- **2nd Floor Lounge**. + 406.2 [***Preservia***]( by: Remco van Veenendaal -- **2nd Floor Lounge**. + 406.3 [***Obsolescence***]( by: Colin Armstrong -- **2nd Floor Lounge**. + 406.4 [***Digital Preservation Storage Criteria Game***]( by: Andrea Goethals -- **2nd Floor Lounge**. ### 11:00 - 12:00 + *407. Closing Session* + 407 ***Farewell from iPRES 2018 and Welcome from iPRES 2019!*** -- **Amphitheatre**.