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This repository is used by the Synergy Expert Meeting on scientific integrity that is organised at the EHPS 2018 conference in Galway. - [Slides]( - [Paper Plan]( - [Documentation of consensus and plans]( ----------- - Day 1: - [Notes group 1]( - [Notes group 2]( - [Notes group 3]( - [Integration Day 1]( ----------- - Day 2: - [App to generate Acyclic Behavior Change Diagrams]( (Note that all ABCD specifications must be viewable using the link (blue 'Share' button, top-right) *as well as* published to the web ('File' menu, then 'Publish to the web', then blue 'Publish' button, then confirm in the pop-up dialog at the top) - [Example ABCD specification (full; target behavior including sub-behaviors)]( (link to copy-paste at []( - [Example ABCD specification (single performance objective; simplye delete last column)]( (link to copy-paste at []( - Group 1: - [Specifications for ABCD]( - Group 2: - [Specifications for ABCD]( - Group 3: - [Specifications for ABCD]( -----------