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This project contains the raw data on which this paper is based: ***J.Minxha, R.Adolphs, S.Fusi, A.N.Mamelak, U.Rutishauser. Flexible recruitment of memory-based choice representations by human medial-frontal cortex. Science 2020, in press .*** See the file [README.m][1] for a description of the data structures and code included. We used the open source toolboxes [OSort][2] for pre-processing and spike-sorting, [Fieldtrip][3] for LFP processing and spike-field coherence analysis, [NlxTools][4] to import raw data, and [DataHigh][5] for state space analysis. Everything else was implemented using standard MATLAB functionality (including all SVM-based decoding). This work has been made possible by grants from the National Institutes of Health (NIMH R01MH110831; The NIH BRAIN initiative U01NS103792; the National Science Foundation CAREER BCS-1554105; and a Memory&Cognitive Disorders Award from the McKnight Endowment for the Neurosciences). [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]: [5]: