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While there was a majority approval for same-sex marriage based on the 2017 postal survey, 38.4% of Australian did not support same-sex marriage. This raises concerns over discrimination that same-sex attracted people may experience both in general society and social services. Social work students’ views, opinions, attitudes and beliefs of same-sex parents can affect their service provision. It is important to understand their views and how they might align with values and ethics as described by their professional accrediting-body, the Australian Association of Social Workers (AASW). To understand the views of emerging social workers towards same-sex parenting, this study utilised an online qualitative survey of 136 social work students from four AASW-accredited university courses. The survey questions invited exploratory responses to open-ended questions. The study utilises Braun and Clarke’s reflexive thematic analysis to analyse data. This presentation will report emerging findings from this in-progress study. The findings will illuminate social work students’ views towards same-sex parents, the influences of socialisation on these views, and the contribution of social work education to their beliefs. The study will compare and contrast this data to the core values of the profession including respect for persons, social justice and professional integrity. Australian Social work scholarship will benefit from this study as there is currently a lack of qualitative data that reveals the specifics.