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This study was began as part of the Reproducibility Project: Psychology, but was not completed in time to be included in the analyses. **Original citation.** O'Malley, S., Reynolds, M.G., Stolz, J.A., & Besner, D. (2008). Reading aloud: Spelling-sound translation uses attention. *Journal of Experimental Psychology: Learning, Memory, and Cognition, 34*(2), 422-429. **Target of replication.** The target of replication for this study is the finding that indicates a main effect of repetition on reading aloud, β hat = 25.1, t(4123) = 5.9, p < 0.0001. **A priori replication criteria.** The effects of interest were the main effects of repetition and SOA for pseudohomophones on reading aloud. To be considered a successful replication of O’Malley et al’s results, both main effects were required to be present. As in the original analyses, only data from Part 2 will be analyzed. Also, in keeping with O’Malley et al, “trials on which there was an error to Task 1 or Task 2 were removed prior to analyses.” Any trials with voice key failures will also be removed from the analyses. Lastly, remaining RTs will be submitted to Van Selst and Jolicoeur’s (1994) outlier removal procedure.
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