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This OSF Repository presents the raw data from the study, "Can Online Juries Make Consistent, Repeatable Decisions?" For the full CHI 2021 paper, please see this link: ## Data Description Cleaned versions of the data can be found in the `Data CSV's` folder. The folder contains the following information: - `all_chats_in_and_team`: a CSV of all the chats uttered during the online experiments. Each row represents _one chat_. - `all_chats_team_only`: a CSV of all chats uttered during only _group deliberations_. Chats from the individual conditions are removed here. - `all_group_conversations`: a CSV that contains all chats from group deliberations. Each row represents _one conversation_, as opposed to one chat. This might be useful for reading an entire conversation more easily. - `batch-after-data`: a CSV of data from post-deliberation surveys, recording the case deliberated and whether the result was consistent. Note that groups and nominal teams do not have id's; only individuals did. - `batch-before-data`: the same as above, but for pre-deliberation surveys. - `batch-during-data`: the same as above, but for during-deliberation votes. - `batch-combined-data`: the prior three CSV's, combined into one single handy CSV. ## Analysis & Figures This folder contains R code used to draw figures visualizing the data and key statistics. ## Qualtrics Surveys This folder contains survey exports for three surveys we ran on Qualtrics: - `Conversational Analysis`: Survey used to analyze the quality of deliberations (post-hoc). - `In-Experiment Warmup`: Survey that all participants took during a 15-minute warmup period in each experiment, in order to get them acquainted with the instructions and expectations. - `Reddit Pretest`: Survey used to pre-test Reddit AITA posts.
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