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SIPS 2019 Workshop: Contemporary Philosophy of Scientific Practices for Practicing Scientists

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Description: WORKSHOP on Contemporary Philosophy of Scientific Practices for Practicing Scientists Location: Juliana in Engels Day/time: Sunday July 7, 15.45 - 17.15 Abstract: Many scientists re-examining the foundations of their practices are looking for collaborations with philosophers of science (see: SIPS Meeting of Minds workshop and hackathon) but it can be difficult to find contemporary starting points. Most attempts to integrate some philosophy of science fall back on Popper, Kuhn, Lakatos, and not much beyond. To overcome this, we are developing a set of contemporary philosophy of scientific practices resources, for scientists (not philosophers). In this workshop, we will introduce the philosophy of scientific practice and explain how it departs from the older traditions, and to facilitate a discussion on how to develop resources and collaborations between philosophers of science and scientists themselves. Session Landing Page: Note: discussion and ideas raised during this workshop were integrated, along with feedback, into further development of these resources, see:


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