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**READ ME** ------ Welcome to this OSF project! This project gives an overview of our continuous Bayesian meta-analysis on spillover effects of effective interventions in the environmental domain. **About the meta-analysis** The meta-analysis investigated spillover effects of effective interventions on sustainable intentions and behaviors. It examined the type of non-targeted outcome (intentions vs. behaviors), autonomy support, rationale provision, financial (dis)incentives, intervention goal, research setting, and sample type as potential moderators. The meta-analysis was conducted on April 20, 2020 and updated on October 29, 2020. Lead researcher: Sandra J. Geiger Other researchers: Cameron Brick, Ladislas Nalborczyk, Anna Bosshard, Nils B. Jostmann **Files in this repository** (0) pre-registration (`PRISMAProtocol_Spillover_18042020.pdf`) and addendum (`PRISMAProtocol_Spillover_Addendum_210621.pdf`) (1) data - a dataset with the extracted non-aggregated effect sizes (`Data_NonAggregated.csv` and `Data_NonAggregated.RData`) - a dataset with the aggregated effect sizes (`Data_Aggregated.csv` and `Data_Aggregated.RData`) such that each intervention yielded only one effect size for intentions and behaviors, respectively - a dataset with the descriptive statistics of each study (`Descriptives.csv`) (2) analysis - analysis script (`Analysis.Rmd`) - models for the main analysis (`bmod.rds`, `bmod_H1.rds`, `bmod_H2.rds`, `bmod_H3a.rds`, `bmod_H3b.rds`, `bmod_H4a.rds`, `bmod_H4b.rds`, `bmod_H5.rds`, `bmod_RQ2.rds`, `bmod_RQ3a.rds`, `bmod_RQ3b.rds`), the sensitivity analysis (`bmod_0s.rds`, `bmod_1s.rds`), and the forest plot (`bmod_forest.rds`) (3) figures - the forest plot (`forestplot.pdf`) - the contour-enhanced funnel plot (`contour_funnel.svg`) and the sunset funnel plots (`sunset_a.svg`and `sunset_b.svg`) - the priors for the overall effect size, the moderators, and the heterogeneity (`priors.svg`) - the posteriors for the type of non-targeted behavior (`posterior_H1.svg`), autonomy support (`posterior_H2.svg`), rationale provision (`posterior_H3a.svg`and `posterior_H3b.svg`), financial (dis)incentives (`posterior_H4a.svg`and `posterior_H4b.svg`), goals (`posterior_H5.svg`), research setting (`posterior_RQ2.svg`), and sample type (`posterior_RQ3a.svg`and `posterior_RQ3b.svg`) - probability wheels (`pie_RQ1a.svg`and `pie_RQ1b.svg`) - visualization of the effect on intentions (d = 0.15; `null_effect_viz.svg`) (4) preprint (`Preprint_Spillover.pdf`) We encourage you to contribute to this continuous meta-analysis by sending us data that has not yet been included to update this meta-analysis in the future. **Last updated**: September 27, 2021
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