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Here we provide R scripts to support other researchers in analyzing data that have been collected using the General Ecological Behavior Scale (GEB; Kaiser & Wilson, 2004) or the General Health Behavior Scale (GHB; Byrka & Kaiser, 2013). For analysis, Rasch modelling is used. The GEB is a measure for environmental attitude, the GHB is a measure of health attitude. Both are grounded in the Campbell paradigm. --- For a brief overview of the Campbell paradigm, you will now find a Wikipedia entry and a summarizing video on Youtube: [][1]. [] [2]. --- - For analyses of GEB data: The R scripts in this repository refer to example data named "Dataset.sav" that are also made available here. However, the scripts contain information how to adapt it to other/your data sets. To analyse your data please use the script "GEB_rasch-model Standard (22.06.).R". If you want to check if your dataset fulfils the preconditions for analysing it using Rasch modelling you can use the scripts "GEB_rasch-model Item-Dif-Test (22.06.).R" and "GEB_rasch-model Split-Scales-Test (22.06.).R". - For analyses of GHB data: Please use "GHB_rasch-model Standard (05.01.21).R" and use accordingly. --- Please check the comments in the scripts and make adjustments if neccessary to guarantee the proper functioning of the scripts. If you are having problems using the scripts we are happy to provide support at [1]: [2]: