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Category: Software

Description: Here's a common thought: "I want to use R in my research, but online courses and tutorials take too long to teach me what I need to know." I get that, so my goal for this 3-hour workshop is to teach folks enough R to be dangerous: They can use R in their research *that same day*. To do this, we have to skip standard introductions to "base R" and replace them with user-friendly tools from the tidyverse ( By the end of 3 hours, folks will know how to use RStudio (e.g., what are all these panels?); make beautiful plots (some reminiscent of O'Keeffe,; wrangle data (e.g., cleaning); describe data (e.g., I just want the Ms and SDs!), and model data (e.g., regression and some of its friends). They'll also leave with resources to learn more on their own.


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