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Description: Lawless is about the power that technology companies have over our lives and how we can develop a new constitutionalism to better protect our rights. Social media platforms, search engines, and other technology companies influence what we can see and say online. These giant companies govern our behavior online without real accountability, and they are at the centre of fierce battles between governments, lobby groups, the media, and grassroots campaigns from activists. Drawing on ten years of research, this book shows how our social lives, our news, and our information environments are shaped by a complex web of legal, technical, and social forces. This is a book about the future of our media and our shared social spaces. We are now at a constitutional moment—a time when we can all demand better from the companies that govern our lives. This book provides a guide to a new constitutionalism: real limits on power that protect human rights in a decentralized environment. Ultimately, it provides a comprehensive argument about how we should expect the governance of online social spaces to be more legitimate – and particularly, how we might develop new forms of due process for the algorithmic and human decision making systems that rule our digital lives.

Has supplemental materials for Lawless: the secret rules that govern our digital lives on SocArXiv


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