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**This Wiki contains:** 1. Details of preregistration. 2. IRB information. 3. File road map. ---------- **1. Details of preregistrations:** Notice that the paper contains 2 registrations (which were done before a full understanding of the OSF infrastructure - our apologies for this messy structure). 1. Belonging_bayesian_task (original name of the project) - which contains the preregistration for Study 1. 2. Group categorization - which contains the preregistration for Studies 3, 3A and 4. ---------- **2. IRB Information:** All studies were conducted under IRB number 7273 at Stanford University, titled: "Affective Consequences of Emotion Regulation". P.I. - Dr. James Gross. ---------- **3. File road map:** 1. Categorization task that was used in all studies is located on github - 2. The piloting task that was used to pilot the stimuli is located on github as well - 3. Each study in the paper is located in a separate component. Each Component contains an analysis file (With a list of all variables) as well as an unmarked data file.