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These materials were developed for a data collection resulting in the following studies/papers: Willén, R. M., & Granhag, P. A. (2015). Data from interviews with 95 respondents recollecting repeated dental visits. Journal of Open Psychology Data, 3: e7, DOI: [][1] Willén, R.M., Granhag, P.A., Strömwall, L.A., & Fisher, R.P. (2015). Facilitating particularisation of repeated similar events with context-specific cues. Scandinavian Journal of Psychology, 56, 28-37. DOI: Willén, R. M., Granhag, P. A., & Strömwall, L. A. (2015). Facilitating particularization of repeated events in interviews with adults. Submitted manuscript. The data is freely available at Dataverse: [][2] [1]: [2]: