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# Preregistration Template for Qualitative and Unified Studies ## Aims: A preregistration is a way to design your research project before you begin and to document your decisions, rationale. A template such as this one can be employed to think about what you want to do and how, and subsequently, if you wish, you can submit the finished preregistration to a registry, such as OSF’s ( This is a living, modular preregistration template designed for qualitative and unified (e.g., quantitative ethnographic) studies. ## What is a preregistration good for? -__It helps you plan your project:__ it's a great way to clarify what you can ahead of time, to talk with your team members about various issues that would probably come up during the project, to think about decisions and the reasoning behind those decisions. -__It helps others plan their project:__ other researchers may learn a great deal about how You operationalized your project. Having access to each other's methodological decisions can further an entire discipline. -__Decisions in a preregistration are not engraved in stone:__ if there are things you don't find relevant, don't know the answer to now, are unsure of, or may end up doing things differently, that's perfectly alright. Again, first and foremost, a preregistration is a tool that helps you think about methodological issues, consider options, and document thought processes. ## Instructions: *Download* the (word) template from this OSF repository. *Fill it out.* If any items don’t make sense for your project or you have not made a decision about them at this point, please indicate that in your response(s). *Submit it.* Detailed instructions on submitting a preregistration to OSF can be found here: Please note: Be sure to choose “Open-ended registration” when submitting if you are using this particular template, and to convert it to a PDF with all subsections expanded. If you use R, you can find the instructions at to include the form in an R Markdown file or render it to a PDF. ## Help make it better: This is a living template. If you have ideas on how to improve it, please leave your comments/suggestions in this editable version, and they will be incorporated into the next public version: ### Examples of preregistrations submitted with this template: *If you submitted one and I missed yours, let me know so I can add you!* __A feasibility study for a unified, multimodal analysis of online information foraging on the origins of COVID-19__ __Analyzing the Effects of a Health Education Intervention on Peer Educators and their Personal Development__ __University student’s beliefs about a COVID-19 vaccine scenario within the university and communications about COVID-19 vaccines__ __Mapping the content structure of patient self-help group activity on social media__ __Comparing parent and physician perspectives on the transition to palliative care in pediatric oncology__ __A Systematic Review of Works in Quantitative Ethnography__
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