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Target of replication: *A priori* experimental protocols, materials, and confirmatory analysis plans were peer reviewed, [pre-registered][1], and published by [*eLife*][2]. This component includes all primary and QC data for the replication of [Lin et al. 2012][3]. This experiment included the Western blot of c-Myc reactivation in tetracyclic-repressible system and total RNA expression during c-Myc re-activation. ### Contents ### [Figures component][4] contains a visualization of the results. These figures are the same as can be found in the Replication Study and include Figure 1 displaying the Western blot re-activation results. [Data Component][5], contains data generated from the experimental work. Csv files containing the data used in the analysis of protocol 1, which assesses the relative levels of c-Myc protein after re-induction, can be found [here][6] and the raw data [here][7] in the "Protocol 1" folder. The Csv file that contains the data used in the analysis of protocol 2, which assesses relative levels of total RNA before and after re-induction of c-Myc, can be found [here][8] and the raw data [here][9] in the "Protocol 2" folder. [Statistical Analysis Component][10], contains the R scripts used for the analysis. [Cell line quality Control data][11] includes results confirming the cell line was free of mycoplasma contamination as well as STR DNA profiling. [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]: [5]: [6]: [7]: [8]: [9]: [10]: [11]: