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# Open Badges My own take on open badges. I used the colour scheme by [Paul Tol]( for accessibility, and drew the badges in LibreOffice Draw 6. The badges were inspired by: * [OSF badges]( * [CoMSES open code badge]( * [PLOS]( ## Badges All badges are rendered as PNG in a standard size (72x79) and a tiny size (18x20), on the basis of the source document. Pre-registered: ![pre-registered]( Open data: ![open data]( Open materials: ![open materials]( Open code: ![open code]( ## Access Open Access: ![open access]( Green Access: ![green access]( Closed Access: ![closed access]( ## Licence Take your pick: * [Creative Commons CC BY 4.0]( * To the extent possible under law, I have waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to these images. [CC-0](