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<p>This page contains the data and analysis scripts reported in the paper:</p> <p>Souza, A. S., Vergauwe, E., & Oberauer, K. Where to attend next? Guiding refreshing of visual, spatial, and verbal representations in working memory. </p> <p>This paper reports 6 experiments:</p> <ul> <li>Experiment 1a uses a continuous orientation reproduction task and involves three conditions: 1. Baseline (unfilled retention interval) 2. Guided refreshing (presentation of peripheral cues guiding refreshing of the memoranda), and 3. Dual-task (choice RT task on tones performed during the retention interval).</li> <li>Experiment 1b also used a continuous orientation reproduction task and involves only two conditions: 1. Baseline and 2. Guided Refreshing (presentation of a central colored dot indicating the item to be refreshed)</li> <li>Experiment 2 uses a continuous color reproduction task in which the colors were presented sequentially for study. The retention interval includes the manipulation of refreshing (arrows are presented indicating which item should be attended to). There is no Baseline condition or Dual-task condition.</li> <li>Experiment 3a to 3c uses words as memoranda, and arrows as cues to the WM items. In Exp. 3a participants completed AS and recalled the words orally. Exp. 3b used AS and typed recall. In Exp. 3c the AS requirement was removed, and recall mode was typed. Participants completed Refreshing and Baseline trials.</li> </ul>
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