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**Original citation.** Heine, S.J., Buchtel, E.E., & Norenzayan, A. (2008). What do cross‐national comparisons of personality traits tell us? The case of conscientiousness. *Psychological Science, 19*(4), 309-313. **Target of replication.** We particularly focus on replicating the negative correlation between the self-report NEO-PI-R data and the validity criteria (average r = -0.43). **A priori replication criteria.** A successful replication was to be defined as one in which the replication’s partial correlation fell within the original confidence intervals or the replication and original confidence intervals overlapped. To compare our own result to Heine et al.’s we calculated the confidence intervals surrounding the original study’s partial correlation value (r = -0.43). Next, we planned to determine whether or not our own partial correlation value fell within those established confidence intervals. Lastly, we planned to calculate the confidence intervals surrounding the present replication’s finding and compare those to the original’s. **Results and interpretations can be found in our report [here][1].** Notes provided by Dr. Heine before the replication can be seen in the [Materials component's wiki][2]. Data is available for download in the [Data component's files section][3]. [1]: [2]: [3]: