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<p>We anticipate having approximately 100 subject-pool (mostly intro psych) participants available for an in-lab, computer-based study lasting up to 40 minutes. Our lab uses Apple computers (Mac Mini) with LCD displays, and we can test up to 8 participants at a time in a single room with partition dividers. Most studies in our lab focus on attention, memory, and cognition, but we have conducted studies on a broad range of other topics (including cultural differences -- 10% of UIUC undergraduates are Chinese international students).</p> <p>Undergraduate researcher assistants in our lab would conduct the testing with our oversight and training. We prefer using open-source software (e.g., PsychoPy) and any study we help with would need to be preregistered (with a commitment to open data, code, etc.). We can assist with coding, preregistration, and data analysis if necessary. We are happy to collaborate on a new study or a replication. -- Daniel J. Simons, Psychology Department, University of Illinois dsimons@illinois.edu | <a href="http://www.dansimons.com" rel="nofollow">www.dansimons.com</a> | 217-689-1527</p>
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