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Here you can obtain the replication materials for "Public Trust in the European Legal Systems: Independence, Accountability, and Awareness", an article published by *West European Politics* on 14th February 2020, available online: * Online Appendix.pdf: describes data sources and files, as well as required code to replicate analyses. * ESS1-7eO1_independence_accountability_awareness.dta. European Social Survey Cumulative File Rounds 1 to 7 expunged of irrelevant variables. * Stata do file that adds all contextual variables, logarithmic transformations for population and GDP per capita, country, country year, year identifiers, and creates new independent and dependent individual level variables with NS/NR as missing and a new individual level variable: Interpersonal trust (interptrust), regression-based factor scores based on ppltrst, pplfair, and pplhlp. * Stata .do file that produces results for all tables and estimates models 8 and 10 without interaction terms and performs LR tests (required by reviewers).