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This component contains scripts which can be used to reproduce the analyses and figures reported in the main manuscript. The scripts are written in Rmarkdown - analyses are implemented in the programming language R and interspersed with plain text explanations at each stage. The easiest way to view the scripts is to download the html files and open them in your web browser. If you are an R user, you can download the .Rmd files that underlie the html files and run the code yourself in R. These files refer to the direct replications: - reproducibleAnalysis1234.Html - reproducibleAnalysis1234.Rmd And these files refer to the conceptual replications: - reproducibleAnalysis567.Html - reproducibleAnalysis567.Rmd You will also need to download the relevant data files from the data component. datasetS1.csv is to be used with reproducibleAnalysis1234.Rmd and datasetS2.csv is to be used with reproducibleAnalysis567.Rmd