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This page includes the materials and protocol for the RRR project to replicate the following study: Rand, D. G., Greene, J. D., & Nowak, M. A. (2012) Spontaneous giving and calculated greed. Nature, 489, 427–430. After you download the Qualtrics script for the study (the .qsf file), you will need to import it into your Qualtrics account. Note that you can do this with a free Qualtrics account, but many universities also have accounts for their faculty. Here are the primary steps: 1. Download the qsf file and save it to your computer 2. Open your qualtrics account 3. Create a new survey 4. Once you've created a new survey, it will open in the Edit Survey tab in Qualtrics. 5. On the far right side of the window, a drop-down menu labeled "Advanced Options" will appear. 6. In that menu, choose the "Import Survey..." option 7. A window will open to let you choose the .qsf file for the study. 8. Once you select it, the file will be uploaded into your Qualtrics account. **Note for labs using translated versions of the materials**: You will need to translate the Qualtrics script contents yourself. Once you have done that (and back translated it to verify the accuracy of the translation), please make sure to post the translated version to your OSF project page. You can export the translated survey as a pdf file and as a qsf file. You should do both and post them.