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The files below allows you to re-run the entire flow of analysis that is reported in the paper. You just need to download the whole folder, specify your mount point in *analysis.R* (line 8), and then run the script. If you just want to download the database, you'll find it in both wide (*percStrengthDatabaseItalian_wide.csv*) and long format (*percStrengthDatabaseItalian_long.csv*). *wordsAll.txt* contains a list of the words that are included in the database. *variablesDefinition.pdf* contains definitions for all the variables that are included in the database. *data_covariates* and *data_percStrength* contains the raw data for the rating-based covariates (i.e., Age of Acquisition, Context Availability and Familiarity) and for the perceptual strength judgments, respectively. The rest of the material is subsidiary to *analysis.R*. *modality_norms_ITA.pdf* is the pre-print of the paper, which has been accepted at Journal of Cognition.