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Description: Watch video Man falls off speeding Mumbai local train after hitting pole WATCH/DOWNLOAD: A horrific video of a young train commuter hitting a pole and being flung off on the tracks between Kalwa and Thane emerged on Thursday morning. Thankfully, the 19-year-old victim had a miraculous escape and didn’t sustain any head injuries, though he landed in hospital with multiple fractures. Several accidents of passengers while travelling by Mumbai local trains are reported every month. While some are unavoidable, others can be avoided, and this was one of them. Danish Khan was travelling on the footboard and hanging out of the train, watching some others on the train on the parallel track shoot a video. While doing so, he hit a pole and was thrown off, with commuters from both trains watching in horror. Some of them even thought that he succumbed owing to the hit. Danish’s father Zakir Khan, 45, said his son was spotted by locals after the trains left the spot. They took him to the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Hospital in Kalwa. Doctors said he has sustained fractures in one of his legs and both the arms, but his condition is stable. While Zakir Khan works in Pune, Danish lives in Kalwa with his mother, an elder sister and a younger brother. He works as a labourer in a house decoration firm. On Thursday, he was on his way to Dadar for work. The video of the accident was shot by Mayur Limaye, a railway fan, who was travelling in the Pune-Mumbai Deccan Queen Express on the parallel track. Senior railway officials said, “Typically stunts are recorded and these videos go viral across social media platforms and messaging groups. This emboldens others to try out similar stunts. We hope at least this video will prove to be a deterrent as it shows just how these stunts can go wrong.


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