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This project was begun as part of the Reproducibility Project: Psychology but was not completed in time for inclusion in the analyses. **Original Citation:** Guinote, A. (2008). Power and affordances: When the situation has more power over powerful than powerless individuals. *Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 95:2,* 237-252. **Target of Replication:** This is a direct replication of Study 6. In particular, we focus on the significant interaction between information (relevant or irrelevant) and power (powerful or powerless), supporting Guinote’s hypothesis, F(1, 68) = 4.14, p < .05. **A priori replication criteria:** Any reading time 2.5 standard deviations away from the mean for the appropriate information category (ie. irrelevant or relevant means) was planned to be excluded. The effect of interest was the expected significant Information x Power interaction. We expected to see that powerful participants would spend longer reading relevant sentences than irrelevant sentences. We also expected that powerless individuals would not show a significant difference between the two. The original materials were provided by Ana Guinote, and are available by contacting her directly: